Heirloom Silk is a family business run from our studio in the rural countryside of Somerset, UK. We are a small team of plant lovers with a background in floristry and textile crafts. We are currently working on establishing our cut flower patch for both floristry and dye-making uses, and are pleased to say that most of our dyes are made with plants from our garden (or perhaps our neighbours!) When we took over the business from Paula Baxter of Millpond Flower Farm in 2017, we were extremely excited to begin working with natural plant dyes and since then our experimenting and learning has continued.

The beauty of using plants for dyeing (apart from the obvious, non-chemical reasons) is the dyes seem to have a life of their own, each batch brings its own personality to the silk. The colours change and shimmer in different lights creating a soft, ethereal quality to the ribbons.

As you will see all the ribbons are named after interesting and inspiring, although sometimes little-known, women from history. It’s always fun when we create a new colour to spend time thinking who we should choose next, if you have any suggestions please do let us know!

We use only the best quality of pure silks, our current range includes Habotai and Noil. And a new addition for 2019 is vegan Bamboo Silk.

These naturally dyed silk ribbons are the perfect accessory for adding luxury and romance to your wedding or event, and make for beautiful heirloom keepsakes.